Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides the leadership to the ASU organisation and is the forum in which the Topic Group Co-ordinators represent their Topic Group. It seeks to develop strategies for the success of the ASU and to deal with matters that may arise between annual ASU Board Meetings. The Executive Committee normally meets three times a year, typically in March, July and November, with one meeting held immediately before the Annual Editorial Board Meeting.

The ASU Executive Committee is represented on the JAAS Editorial Board, to whom it can make recommendations on matters relating to Atomic Spectrometry Updates.

Robert CloughChair
Steve J. HillGeneral Editor
Simon CarterSecretary
Bridget GibsonTreasurer
Jeffrey R. BaconTopic Group Coordinator
E. Hywel EvansTopic Group Coordinator
Andy FisherTopic Group Coordinator
Andrew TaylorTopic Group Coordinator
Christine VanhoofTopic Group Coordinator