Annual Reviews of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry

Groups in Atomic Spectrometry Updates

Topic Group 1 at work

Topic Group 1 (Environmental Analysis) discussing changes to their manuscript at their pre-publication meeting

Each Update is produced by a Topic Group consisting of a Topic Group Co-ordinator, the writers and a referee. The list below shows the composition of the six groups and links to an abstract of their most recent Update.

1. Advances in environmental analysis

Topic Group Co-ordinator: Owen T. Butler
Writers: Jennifer M. Cook
Warren R. L. Cairns
Christine M. Davidson
Regina Mertz-Kraus
Most recent Update:

2. Advances in the analysis of clinical and biological materials, foods and beverages

Topic Group Co-ordinator: Andrew Taylor
Writers: Nicola Barlow
Martin Day
Sarah Hill
Marina Patriarca
Nicholas Martin
Most recent Update:

3. Advances in atomic spectrometry and related techniques

Topic Group Co-ordinator: E. Hywel Evans
Writers: Jorge Pisonero
Clare M. M. Smith
Rex N. Taylor
Most recent Update:

 4. Elemental Speciation

Topic Group Co-ordinator: Robert Clough
Writers: Chris F. Harrington
Steve J. Hill
Yolanda Madrid
Julian F. Tyson
Most recent Update:

5. Advances in X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

Topic Group Co-ordinator: Owen Butler
Writers: Andrew T. Ellis
Christina Streli
Christine Vanhoof
Peter Wobrauschek
Most recent Update:

6. Advances in the analysis of metals, chemicals and functional materials

Topic Group Co-ordinator: John Marshall
Writers: Simon Carter
Andrew Fisher
Ben Russell
Bridget Gibson
Ian Whiteside
Most recent Update: