Annual Reviews of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry

ASU Annual Board Meeting and Dinner 2010

The meeting and dinner were held at Homerton College, Cambridge on July 9th.

All photos on this page by Steve Hill

ASU Board 2010 at Cambridge

Some members of the Editorial Board 2011 (taken at the Homerton College, Cambridge, UK)
Left to right: Peter Wobrauschek, Margaret West, Mark White, Simon Branch, Christine Davidson, Owen Butler, Warren Cairns, Caroline Seeley (hidden), Mike Sargent, Chris Harrington, Christina Streli, Robert Clough, Christine Vanhoof, James Murphy, Phil Potts, Andrew Taylor, Jeff Bacon, Doug Miles, Marina Patriarca, Jason Day, Sian Shore, Jenny Cook, Mike Foulkes, Andy Fisher and Hywel Evans.

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