Annual Reviews of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry

Some of the members of Atomic Spectrometry Updates at their Annual Board Meeting in Liverpool on the 7th July 2016. The members are L to R: Andrew Taylor, Mark White, Nicola Barlow (behind), Philippa Hughes, Executive Editor, JAAS (in front), Warren Cairns, Christine Davidson, Jeff Bacon (behind), Rex Taylor, John Marshall, Margaret West, Andy Fisher, Steve Hill, Jenny Cook, Robert Clough, Doug Miles, Sarah Hill, Yolanda Madrid, Owen Butler (behind), Hywel Evans, Andy Ellis, Julian Tyson, Phil Potts, Mike Sargent, Marina Patriarca, Jorge Pisonero and Christine Vanhoof.

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Atomic Spectrometry Updates are annual reviews written by a community of experts in their field. The aim is to provide six authoritative, critical and comprehensive reviews of the major fundamental and applied areas of analytical atomic spectrometry.

They currently appear in alternate issues of the Royal Society of Chemistry's Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry (JAAS). The 2017 programme of reviews is:


2017 Allan Ure Bursary

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